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A summer weekend in Trondheim

After the first week in school we decided to have a quiet weekend in Trondheim and not take any trips.


When we arrived at Trondheim airport 3 weeks ago we met a friendly Norwegian woman just returned from 3 years living in Houston. She offered to help if we needed any advice. I’ve heard a lot about the legendary reserve of Norwegian people and wondered if she genuinely meant it so I sent her a message to see if she responded. Her response was so warm and inclusive as to invite us to join her family at a summer concert near the cathedral.


We had a slow start to Saturday and wandered into town.


We found the family and they introduced us to 2 other families. We had a nice time in the sunshine and enjoying getting to know each other. I watched as my 6 year old son caught the attention of 2 other 6 year old boys in the group and off they ran together to see the cannon. It seems that common language isn’t required for confident 6 year old boys!


After about an hour we all left together and chatted some more as we walked towards the course for the Roller Ski tournament to be held that afternoon. We parted with warm intentions of seeing each other again


My son and I stayed in town to watch the Roller ski tournament while my husband and daughter went home. We squeezed as close to the barrier as we could to gain a good view of the action.


I had thought that my son would quickly be bored but he was captivated and watched both the women’s race (25 minutes) and the men’s. He was thrilled when the 3rd place man slowed before the finish line and ran his hand along the hands of the spectators. It looks like an exhausting and physically demanding sport. We always see people doing it up the mountain beside Trondheim and I am tempted to buy a 2nd hand set and ride to and from work.
The next morning we were pleasantly surprised to hear from a family we had connected with at the festival, inviting us over for coffee and a snack.
We took a drive north to the ferry terminal in Flakk. We didn’t have time to catch the ferry so we continued along the road then stopped at a pebbly beach.


I paddled in the water with our children while my husband napped in the sun in the car. We looked at crabs, jellyfish, sea grass, rocks and a track for launching boats. It was not hot in the sunshine but it was pleasant in the water.
We headed home for a quick lunch and passed a triathlon, cycling stage along the way.
We walked to the home of our new acquaintances and were warmly embraced into their family, home and friendship circle. We discovered that rather than just a snack it was a full bbq lunch. The sun was warm, the food was delicious, our children had a great time playing with the many other children, my husband enjoyed practicing Norwegian with a retired doctor and I was like a pig in mud with interesting and interested women to talk to. We were a little surprised that no alcohol was served but it meant that noone ignored the children or ended up with a headache. I do hope that we will see those lovely families again!


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