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A walk in the forest from Trondheim to Skistua

Friday is my day off work. I’ve continued that while here in Norway on an expat assignment.


My husband and I walked our children to school in Trondheim then continued up Bymarka. For the first time we saw autumnal colours on the plants growing in the swamps but otherwise all is gloriously green and lush.


We were delighted to find sheep grazing in the forest. We couldn’t see a shepherd but presumably there was one around somewhere.


It was superb weather and we made very good time as we walked up the mountain.


When deciding whether to accept this expat assignment we read about Bymarka and fanatised about walking there on our Fridays in the summer and skiing there in the winter. This week we made that happen!



Our mission on this walk was not only to live our dream but also to return to the cloud berry patch that we discovered on our first weekend in Trondheim.


Amazingly the cloudberries were not only ripe but still there. Mysteriously these legendary berries that supposedly inspire fanaticism among Norwegians and are so close to Trondheim were not picked! I must admit that I don’t like the flavor or smell of them!


We were very disciplined on the way up the mountain and assiduously fasted even though we had been up since 6:30 and walking for 3 1/2 hours despite passing hundreds of ripe blueberries and some raspberries (which are my favorites). After picking all of the cloudberries that we could find and carefully storing them for our children we picked about 600mL of blueberries.


We passed Bakli dam and the Steiner school mountain hut and we were amazed to find the school children dancing, playing, splashing in water and shouting and generally not doing any learning that we could notice.


After passing the school we were delighted to discovery dozens of ripe strawberries and we picked as many as we could.


In total we walked about 30km. It was a great day!


2 comments on “A walk in the forest from Trondheim to Skistua

  1. Maxine
    August 24, 2015

    Looks like you are all having a great time! I wasn’t that excited about cloud berries either, although I love the name and their colour. We were given a jar of cloudberry jam but didn’t like it that much. Not sure what the fuss is about them, must be a Norwegian thing!

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