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The road to Östersund

This has been a fortnight of firsts:
– my family visited their first Arab country
we moved to Norway from Australia
– I started driving on the other side of the road
– I started work in a new office in Trondheim, Norway
– we saw our first cloudberries
– we picked blueberries, strawberries and red currants for the first time in a forest
– and we went to Sweden for the first time.

The countryside is endlessly beautiful

The countryside is endlessly beautiful

On our road trip to Östersund we stopped at the first town in Sweden, called Storlien. My husband had researched grocery prices and discovered that in Storlien we could buy whey protein powder for a reasonable price. Normally I break my fast after 10am with a nutrient dense smoothie and whey powder is an important part of the smoothie. In Trondheim such goods are difficult to find and ridiculously expensive so it’s important to find a reliable supply at reasonable prices. Storlien didn’t let us down!


The cloudberries aren’t yet ripe at Storlien

I had an unreasonable expectation that Storlien would be an interesting village but it’s really just a ski village with some huge supermarkets for Norwegians to stock up before heading back home. When we 4 go into a supermarket together something awful happens to our children and within 8 minutes they turn into gremlins and behave badly and make a lot of noise. There are some places in the world where that wouldn’t be too much of a problem but we find that the people in Norway and Sweden behave politely and are quiet so my husband and I are dreadfully embarrassed by the shenanigans of our children. To avoid another awful episode I kept our son outside with me while my husband and daughter shopped. We explored a marsh behind the supermarket for cloudberries and when my daughter was sick of the shops she joined us and we walked through the forest looking for ripe blueberries until mosquitoes feasted on us and we ran back to the car park.

Storlien railway station

Storlien railway station

Cute chalets at Storlien

Cute chalets at Storlien

Lovely lupins

Lovely lupins

At Ytteran (about half an hour from Östersund) my daughter couldn’t wait any longer so we stopped at the petrol station to use their toilets. I was beguiled by the sunny summer weather, pretty river with jetty and memories of ice creams as a child on days like that so I broke our rule of no sugar for children on road trips and bought ice creams for our children. We took them to the jetty and sat in the middle of the river in the sunshine in harmony.

Picturesque spot for an ice cream at Yterran, Sweden

Picturesque spot for an ice cream at Yterran, Sweden

The remaining half hour drive gave us ample time to regret that choice of allowing but a little suffering led to a nice memory. We arrived at our delightful accommodation in Östersund and knew that we had made a good choice for a weekend getaway. More to come in the posts that follow!


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