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Hike – Dunlop Grasslands, Mount Rogers and Lake Ginninderra

After 3 1/2 weeks absence from my home and family we were joyfully reunited. Within 18 hours of me walking through the front door, my husband and I were donning our hiking gear and new camelbaks. We didn’t have a clear idea of where we wanted to walk but new that walking was definitely what we wanted to do (well to be honest there was a very weary traveller in me who wanted to sleep but nevermind). So, we dropped our children off at school where I was greeted enthusiastically by my daughter’s energetic male teacher who said “Oh hi, you’re back! How was Kuwait?” (read that in a strong Australian accent with lots of energy while bouncing around a little). Clearly my daughter had told him about my trip. But I digress, so we dropped off our children and just kept walking.


Stream near Ginninderra Drive

We followed Ginninderra Drive towards Dunlop, lured by the delightful prospect of ‘Dunlop Grasslands’. We talked and walked and talked some more, keeping up a fast pace as the kilometres dropped away. We find that these walks are essential for our relationship because they allow us uninterrupted talking and thinking time (although my boss does tend to call me when we are walking…). I think of it as ‘couple care’ time.


Autumn arrived while I was traversing the Arabian Peninsula


Dunlop does not appeal to me but it was nice to follow this path to the Grassland park


Dunlop Grassland

As we approached the Grassland we became nervous about snakes in the long grass, so we were relieved to find a style over the fence that led to a mown path that we followed as it meandered through the Grassland.


I was never aware of Street Art in Canberra until focussing on it so much in Melbourne at Christmas. Now I find it everywhere and some of it is amazing like this one in Melba.


View from Mount Rogers

We walked to the top of Mount Rogers and then headed down to Ginninderra Drive again. We found that we still had time to spare and energy too so we added on a walk around Lake Ginninderra as well.


Proximity to lovely Lake Ginninderra was one of the reasons that we chose the location of our home.


We liked the view that this spider has. I heard that these spiders are upside down in their webs to keep the sun out of their eyes. Since my eye injury I have greater than normal light sensitivity so I can empathise with these spiders!


More amazing street art with an interesting message.

As we walked past more interesting street art we pondered what the message “Not street art” might mean. The sign allowing spray painting on this underpass said it allowed Graffiti, so perhaps the artist was offended by the terminology? I’m intrigued anyway and it lead to a discussion between us about what is the difference between graffiti and street art and what is a definition of art?

Output from MyTracks app

Output from MyTracks app

With a whopping 33km in 5 1/2 hours this was our longest walk yet and very enjoyable!


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