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Long weekend at the beach

Wimbie Beach before the thunderstorm

Wimbie Beach before the thunderstorm

With the prospect of a work trip looming, we decided to take a trip to the beach and spend the long weekend together, away from distractions.

Family portrait

Family portrait in the sand by my son

We started in Braidwood at the 2nd hand book fair where we each selected books to suit our tastes and our 20+ books only cost $65. Stay tuned for book reviews as I work my way through the 9 interesting titles that I chose.

Un-named beach SE of Wimbie Beach

Unnamed beach SE of Wimbie Beach

We arrived at Wimbie Beach, on the SE edge of Bateman’s Bay in the mid-afternoon and enjoyed playing in the fairly calm and relatively warm ocean (23C). My daughter (7) and I went ‘out the back’ of the waves and enjoyed bobbing up and down. It gives her a thrill to be out further than her brother (5) and reminds me of my youth when I went to the beach as often as I could and as far out as I dared. After about 45 minutes we started to shiver and got out to play on the sand while my son drew a family portrait. As thunder started to rumble we changed into dry clothes, donned our raincoats and took a short bush walk up over the headland to the beach to the SE.

Arrival of the storm

Arrival of the storm

We briefly saw the beach before the rain started to fall in earnest and as we slipped and slid back up over the headland and back down the other side, lightning flashed around us and thunder deafened us. The track became ankle deep in gushing water and my son and I reminisced about a walk we did on the island of Lombok 12 months ago through knee deep racing water.

Beautiful eucalypt bark

Beautiful eucalypt bark

Our raincoats performed admirably well but my husband’s shoes were drenched and so were our pants. We headed to our motel, draped every surface in wet clothing and headed to the nearby Catalina Country Club for dinner, unwilling to face a picnic in the driving rain.

The next day at the un-named beach

The next day at the unnamed beach

We queued for half an hour for a table and eventually had a pleasant but overpriced meal. I was mystified by the pretentious wording on the menu and pricing that indicates quality food, service and atmosphere, in what was essentially a cafeteria with no ambiance or service. Afterwards we were making our way back to our car when our daughter asked when we were going to pay. We were mortified that we’d forgotten something so important. I ducked back in, queued to reach the cashier and was very pleased that she read out our list of items because the next lot of people using our table number had already ordered and it had been added to our bill. This was easily rectified and we headed back to our motel for a good sleep.


The next morning we headed back to Wimbie Beach and did the same walk again but this time in the sunshine. Our children splashed in the water, while we admired the geology and black sand and chatted in the sun. We took a walk to the other end of the beach and were almost stranded when the tide suddenly started splashing against the cliffs.

Interesting geology in the cliff

Interesting geology in the cliff

Back at the beach we played in the water then kicked the soccer-ball around and had a picnic in the shade. What a pleasant way to spend a long weekend!

Bateman's Bay

Bateman’s Bay


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