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Melbourne Street Art


Vivid street art on Hoddle Street that captured our imaginations and got us thinking about commissioning street art on the wall of our garage

Melbourne is known as one of the world’s great street art capitals for its unique expressions of art on approved outdoor locations.


Street art in Collingwood

Wandering around the streets of East Melbourne we happened across some lovely street art (and lots of vandalizing graffiti).


Amazing street art on Hoddle Street in Collingwood. My son said that he must have told lots of lies to have such a long nose.

Having read that Melbourne is famous for its street art and knowing how I’ve enjoyed it in Malaysia (Penang and Ipoh), my daughter and I deliberately set out to discover some great street art in Melbourne.


Great street art on Park Street in Collingwood

We started with ACDC lane and immediately realised that it’s nothing like the controlled, static and beautiful street art we saw in Malaysia. Instead the walls covered in street art in Melbourne are dynamic, alive and chaotic. It feels like the art is never safe and that must present different challenges related to impermanence to artists compared to traditional art forms. They are more like Buddhist sand mandalas in that way.


My daughter was confused by this one, partly because she's never before seen a gramophone

I freely admit that I don’t understand the symbolism in most of the street art that we saw. I do however respect the incredibly difficult task of working outdoors with spray paint on difficult surfaces with awkward angles and dimensions.


Who could fail to photograph this beauty?

Many of the most breathtaking examples of street art that we saw are very difficult to photograph in their entirety due to the narrow nature of the laneways and the huge sizes of the works.


Most of the paintings were dark and disturbing like this one and not many are actually beautiful


This crappy photo taken on my phone doesn't do justice to this incredible painting of an aerialist suspended from a man's necktie. This one reminded me fondly of the lessons I had with a women's circus including aerial


It seems that this was first painted in 2010 then restored in 2013, indicating that it has not been painted over in more than one year. I wonder what prompted the artist to paint Ganesh. I like the soft style and pastel colours



I'm unsure of who this is but he reminds me of former prime minister Paul Keating


This was just too dark and chaotic for me to enjoy.

There were paintings that I loved, others I was indifferent to and then some that I abhorred and those are the paintings that depict violence or are misogynistic.


A crowd pleaser at Christmas

From Hosier Lane we wandered down Union Lane and found a sign prohibiting daytime painting during the Christmas period. We also were a little perplexed about why 3 men were sitting in the dark in a laneway that smells of urine but we suspect they were artists protecting their work.


Street artists? In Union Lane


My daughter said that this fellow was holding a treasure map and that's why he looks so excited


I think that my favourite laneway is Croft Alley with this incredible painting of a sleeping beauty and the great paintings of jungle animals.

Manythanks to Melbourne local government for allowing street art!

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