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Walk – Coogee to Clovelly

At the end of the school holidays we took a long weekend to Sydney with our 7 year old daughter and 5 year old son. We started on Friday with a walk from beautiful Coogee Beach to lovely Clovelly Beach.

Coogee Beach

Coogee Beach


Coogee Beach


Coogee Beach

It was cold and windy but it didn’t rain on us. We took our time and climbed trees, collected banksia seed pods, rocks and other treasures and meandered along the path. I was impatient to walk faster after driving for so long to get there but I eventually realised that the journey was more important than the exercise or destination so I slowed down and enjoyed the slow walk with my family.


Beautiful weathered sandstone

My husband and I both studied geology at university so we are always  interested in inspecting rock outcrops. As we stood at the top of a cliff my husband asked our 7 year old daughter how the sandstone came to be at the top of the cliff when the sea level is so much lower than the cliff. She said that the sea level must have been higher in the past. Our geologist hearts were warmed by this sensible explanation from a novice.


Gordon’s Bay


Clovelly beach

We stopped and played at the play ground at Clovelly Beach and then collected pumice from the beach.


I was charmed by the small studio next to the beach with a lovely garden


View from the headland past Clovelly to Coogee


Lovely eroded sandstone

The weather on the headland past Clovelly was even less pleasant and we could see rain falling out to sea so we walked a bit quicker back to Coogee.


This sign made us laugh with its poor wording and suggestion that the dog be put in the bin if it does a poo…


Rainbow at sunset over Coogee Beach


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