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Keeping my Book Group Going

Infographic made by my husband

Infographic made by my husband

I have belonged to 4 book groups in the past 7 years and only the one that I started still meets. The others all failed due to the doomed attempt to agree as a group on the date of each meeting. Eventually it became too hard and all 3 groups fizzled out. That’s why I set our meetings on the last Sunday of each month, to remove the need to have a quorum decision.

We need to be flexible and in some months it simply doesn’t work to meet on the final Sunday due to long weekends. In our book group I have attended several meetings with four or less people and greatly enjoyed them due to the intimacy. The point is not to try and get everyone or even most of us there but to have a regular and reliable fixture in our calendars that we attend if we can. I am now so heavily booked that I find it very difficult to commit to anything but when I’m in town I try to attend book group and I don’t expect the meeting to be moved to accommodate me.

Another common fault with book groups is the attempt to reach a democratic decision on the book to read. The group I started is the only of the 4 still meeting after 7 years. The others required agreement on what book to read each month. The winning model that we use is that we take it in turns to host the meeting each month, we host at our own home so there’s no need to agree on a venue and the host chooses the book.

If your group follows a different model I’d love to hear about it!


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