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Farewell Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia

Our 2 weeks in Malaysia were a gentle introduction to travelling in Asia with our 4 year old son and 6 year old daughter. Everything went smoothly and we did not face any significant challenges.

Chinese New Year is coming

Chinese New Year is coming

Our son is a big hit everywhere that we go with men, women, young and old, Malay, Indian, Chinese, and other Asian nationalities, for example a young Cambodian man travelling with a young monk asked our son if he could travel with him. Another young man at the markets told our son that he’s handsome and our son responded Yes and I’m smart too! Some people also took photos of our children when they thought we weren’t looking.13888401855263

When our daughter was in Taiwan she was the superstar but she’s been usurped by our son on this trip and I wonder how she feels about it. Our daughter easily befriends girls and young women using makeshift sign language and her winning smile.

Littering is definitely a problem and this notice in the cab made me chuckle

Littering is definitely a problem and this notice in the cab made me chuckle

Here are some thoughts about Kuala Lumpur in no particular order:

  • Kuala Lumpur is a bustling city with a fast and efficient LRT (light rail) system.
  • The city is mostly geared towards shopping for clothes, shoes and accessories. We weren’t interested in doing that and instead found the shopping centres over stimulating but we still effortlessly filled our 4 days with enjoyable activities that are child friendly – Petrosains, Bird Park, City Park and the hotel pool were the biggest hits.
  • The city has a range of affordable and good quality accommodation options.
  • It’s interesting to observe the wide range of clothing and head scarves from long, loose and figure hiding to short, tight and figure hugging.
  • The Malaysian people were very friendly and helpful towards us.
  • The cabs are supposed to use meters but all of the cabs that we used refused.
  • More sign posting of tourist attractions, LRT stations etc would make it easier for pedestrians
  • Malaysians in KL are surprised when we speak to them in Malaysian, perhaps because KL is a transit city that receives millions of travellers each year.
  • Everything costs more here than Pulau Penang, Ipoh or Pulau Pangkor like e.g bottled water is MYR 1 elsewhere but MYR 1.5 here. We expected the capital city to be cheaper than the regional centres like in Australia but perhaps prices are higher here due to the higher cost of living.
  • Kuala Lumpur has a cosmopolitan feel and different languages being spoken, for example I overhead Arabic being spoken in Petaling Street markets.

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