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Travels in Malaysia with children part 4

On our way from Penang to Ipoh by private driver we stopped in Taiping to have a look and some lunch. Our driver needed us to navigate for him and Google Maps did quite well except with the final destination. I used Trip Advisor to select the highest rated restaurant in Taiping which was a rather dreary and dilapidated ‘restaurant’ with mediocre food and a lack of vegetables on offer.


For some reason this very basic ‘restaurant’ is rated best in Taiping on Trip Advisor

The drive from Taiping to Ipoh passes through gorgeous limestone mountainous country and I longed to take a photo but our driver seemed to be in a hurry so the only stop that we requested was for our children to squat by the roadside, fortuitously less than 50m from a stall selling rambutans (which we had seen growing along the way) so we bought some and they are delicious!


Roadside stall between Taiping and Ipoh selling fresh fruit

As we approached our hotel in Ipoh our hearts sank as we realised how dilapidated the neighborhood is and the lack of footpaths, abundance of injured street dogs, and lack of hygienic looking eateries. Despite having failed to get the requested adjacent rooms at the hotel we are at least on the same floor and we have chosen to split with one child each for safety and comfort reasons.


We are within 2 km of the old town and we enjoyed walking there and discovering some interesting buildings and a park along the way.


A feature of central Ipoh is its covered walkways


This amazing park has faded glory but is somewhat dilapidated now except for the modern play ground. I couldn’t guess what the large structure signified and I’m unsure of whether the huge but partly drained water feature was ever for playing in.

We used the free map here: to explore the old town and along the way we discovered this amazing oasis from the bustling traffic and general disrepair and faded glory of Ipoh. It’s called Plan B and the architecture and food quality is modern and exciting.


Plan B restaurant

As we explored the small old town we turned many heads and drew many smiles and comments but we also encountered some other travellers, especially sheltering from the thunderstorm.



Clock tower built in 1909 to honor the first British resident, Birch




Neoclassical railway station


Not all of the historic buildings are well preserved like these former law offices.

When it came time for dinner, Trip Advisor did not let us down with this little gem that’s in a heritage listed building called Burps n Giggles and makes innovative use of the space and serves delicious burgers (which we ate without the buns of course – you can read my post on grain free living under Diet. I would link to it here but my Note 8 won’t let me!).


Burps n Giggles restaurant

Definitely my favourite part of an otherwise lack lustre and mostly dilapidated city is the street art which I think rivals that which I photographed and posted from George Town, Penang.


Ipoh street art

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