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Meet the author: Christos Tsiolkas

Dedication of Barracuda by Christos Tsiolkas

Dedication of Barracuda by Christos Tsiolkas

I was privileged this week to meet the amazing Australian author Christos Tsiolkas who is on a book tour promoting his new book Barracuda. I was amazed by his warmth, confidence, power to disarm his companion, and conversational skills.

I bought three copies of the book as gifts and waited patiently while an elderly man discussed an obscure film studio with Christos. I waited for some time and pretended to not be in a hurry (during work time) while the old gentleman prattled on and on. Finally I semi turned towards Christos and his face lit up, he lept from his chair and excused himself from his interlocutor. Christos strode towards me smiling warmly with his arms extended then doubt stretched across his face and he dropped his arms. I was confused about why he would be so excited to see me and gave a shy smile and offered my hand and introduced myself. He gazed into my face more closely and asked:

We’ve met before haven’t we?

No but I just saved you from a long conversation!

We laughed together and agreed that everyone needs conversation and Christos said that if there’s anything he’s always happy to discuss it’s film. It was only later that it dawned on me that the reason he had strode towards me wasn’t relief at being freed from a lengthy conversation but that he thought he recognised me.

After signing all three of my books with dedications to friends and family he looked up and said:

But what about you, aren’t you going to read it?

Well yes I will but after paying for these three I didn’t think my credit card would appreciate a 4th copy!

Laughing: Well then I suggest that you borrow one of these copies and read that.

I would have loved to stay and discuss his writing with him but I could see that he had a lot of books to sign. I look forward to reading Barracuda! The Slap was certainly a fascinating book about life now in suburban Australia and it made for some interesting discussion in my book group that consists entirely of mothers of young children!


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