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Becoming involved – book swap

Book swap for Room to Read

Book swap for Room to Read

Recently I was dining with some acquaintances as part of an ‘ideas club’ and we discussed the concept of ‘giving’. One of the others expressed a formless desire to give more to other people but didn’t know how to go about it. I made some suggestions but then got to thinking that I would share here some ideas on organising fundraising events, which I do as part of my volunteer work for Room to Read. The latest event that I ran was a book swap during National Book Week and it was so easy and successful that I hope that it may provide inspiration for others to start ‘giving’!

Room to Read book swap flyer that I made for display at my children's school

Room to Read book swap flyer that I made for display at my children’s school

The book swap involved:

  • Each child at the school was asked to donate a couple of books;
  • The Parents and Community committee helped to sort the books into age categories and lay out the books so that the children could come to the book swap one class at a time;
  • In exchange for a gold coin ($1 or $2 AUD) the children could select 2 books to take home;
  • The vice principal of the school collected the coins from parents as they came to drop off their children for school that morning;
  • The children were excited to choose new books and some couldn’t believe that they were allowed to take them home to keep;
  • The money raised went to RtR for the publication of a local language book in Tanzania;
  • The school was delighted to participate in a fundraising event that broadens that is outward reaching; and
  • The other volunteers and I had a lovely morning together helping the children to choose new books, sharing each others company, reflecting on the great books we enjoyed as children, and interacting with the entire school population.

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